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Film Production

Har du interesse for de sociale medier og hvordan indholdet produceres? Vil du med i maskinrummet, når der skal livestreames, produceres videoer, tages billeder og idégenereres? Så er Content Production lige noget for dig!

Content Production er en helt ny linje, som Højer Design Efterskole kan tilbyde fra august 2021. Her vil du lære omkring hvordan du producerer indhold til de forskellige medier, herunder blandt andet YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook og Twitch. Derudover vil du få en masse erfaring med, hvordan man arbejder sammen med forskellige mennesker på kryds og tværs, da du vil indgå i projekter, som skal laves sammen med dine venner fra de andre linjer.

VR games included

Our bronze party package (60 minutes of play time in VR) is limited to the selection of games below. These games have been handpicked by staff as they are great fun, get players into the action quickly and can be played by 5 players together in the same game.

  • Upgrade for an additional £5.00 per player (£25 total) to give players access to our full games library containing over 50+ games to play. Our unlimited party package comes with full games library access as standard, but we recommend that players start with one of the beginners games first.
To begin: (15 mins) 2 rounds of one game from the below... Tip: These games are great fun with easy to learn controls to help players get ready for the bigger games to play later on in the session!
  • VR paintball (recommended!)
  • VR laser tag
  • VR bowling
  • VR soccer
Then followed by: (45 mins) 2 rounds of up to two games from the below... Tip: These are larger, epic games with incredible graphics and varying levels of difficulty. We don't allow playing more than 2 of the below games on our 60 min Bronze party package as players will not have enough time to enjoy playing. Most players have so much fun playing just one of the below games that they don't want to change to anything different.
  • Smashbox Arena [easy difficulty | kids shooter]
  • PangmanVR [easy difficulty | kids shooter]
  • SkyfrontVR [medium difficulty | jetpack sci-fi sky battle]
  • RawData [medium difficulty | spaceship sci-fi battle]
  • After-H [harder difficulty| futuristic arena battle]
  • Virtual Army Revolution [harder difficulty | military battlefield shooter]

Covid-19 booking guarantee

We understand the pressures of organising a children's party in these uncertain times. All of our VR birthday party package bookings come with our Covid-19 guarantee.

  • You can change the date of your booking up to 24 hours in advance of the start date at no cost.
  • Your booking is for a minimum of 5 players. If any invited player is no longer able to attend (for any reason) then either:
  1. Their place can be taken on the day by someone else
  2. The cost of their place is awarded as credit on your account to be used by you on a future visit at the store*.
  3. The cost of their place is converted into a gift-voucher for you to give to the player so they can visit separately whenever they are able to.*
*Credit cannot be given for any food pre-booked without a minimum of 24 hours notice.
  • If the national law changes and we are unable to proceed with your planned birthday party (i.e. roadmap re-opening date pushed back) then a full refund of all monies paid will be given.